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xsrarepairs's Journal

Xiaolin Showdown Gen and Rare-Pairs!
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Welcome to the Community for Xiaolin Showdown Gen and Rare-Pairs!

What is a rare-pair, you ask? 'A pairing that is rare' is the short answer, but 'rare-pair' can mean mean many different things. You might have a fic where two minor characters that never met in canon fall in love, or a pair of characters that are 'obviously doing it' but no-one writes about them. And as the 'mainstream' way of pairing characters is romance, friendship fics of practically any flavour are rare!

As a rule of thumb, if it's smexy or romantic and has its own community, it isn't rare. Your Chack goes to chase_jack, your Chomi to chase_omi, your Kimundo goes to raimundo_kimiko, your JacKimiko to jackxkimiko, your RaiJack goes to raibicycle (though that isn't the only pairing we have there, it is the main flavour), and finally, as of the 13th of August, your RaimundoxOmi goes to raiomi_lovers.

There are also xs_slash for M/M pairings and xiaolin_yuri for F/F. Rare-pairs can have many gender affiliations, so I expect there to be cross-postings between these three (and raibicycle - RaiClay, RaiWuya and RaiKat are rarepairs too!). This is, however, the only catchall community for het, so knock yourselves out with that.

Now, the idea here is for this to be fun for everybody, so we must have some rules.
  1. First off, to ensure fair treatment, the three strikes rule will be in effect. One strike gets you a warning, Two strikes gets you a fortnight's posting ban, Three strikes gets you a three month posting and comment lockdown, and I will be forced to disable non-member contribution. I don't want to do that, so lets try not to get three strikes. Continued misbehaviour after that results in an all-out permanent ban. 'Continued misbehaviour' AFTER three strikes can be counted in other (affiliate) communities if such activity is called to my attention, but NOT prior to that.

    If you do manage to get a strike against your name, it will have an expiry date of a fortnight (two weeks) after the infrigment unless another infrigement is committed during that time. After the punishment for the third strike is done, you regress back to level two, then level one.

  2. LJ-cuts must be used with regard to mature or potentially offensive content. All content outside the cut must be readable and contain the correct warnings - bear in mind that annoying text-speak and caps-speak counts as 'potentially offensive', as do many of the elements found in smut fiction. Spoilers, too - which must be labled as to the season/episode name rather than 'Spoilers for that episode where Kimiko dies!'.

    The warning 'NWS' is necessary if your work is Not Work/School Safe.

    If you strongly believe that you should be able to say what you want, where you want, to whom you want and in any crude manner, and this interferes with your ability to be civil, you might find yourself more comfortable at xiaolin_ho_down. However, even they have their limit.

  3. Large objects, tables and images must also be placed under a cut

  4. No flaming (taken here to mean non-constructive, overly harsh or disrespectful comments) related to the pairing mentioned, the person of the author, or the quality of work. Art and fic, lest you forget, are gifts to the community and should be treated as such. Polite, constructive advice is generally encouraged, so if you do not wish to recieve critisism please mention it outside of your LJ-cut.

  5. Mentioning the pairings contained in a work not only help people squicked to not be squicked, but help people who are after what you are offering to find it.

    We will use a standarised way of labling - not all 'pairs' are romantic, after all!:
    • Raimundo/Katnappé lables a sexual relationship,
    • RaimundoxKatnappé lables a very strong friendship or non-sexual relationship,
    • Raimundo+Katnappé lables a friendship,
    • Katnappé-->Raimundo would mean that Katnappé had an unrequited crush on Raimundo
    • and 'Raimundo, Katnappé' would indicate that they are both present in the fic/art - though if you're using all of the major characters, 'ensemble' is better than 'Kimiko, Raimundo, Clay, Omi, Jack Spicer, Wuya, Chase Young, HRB, Dojo, Master Fung'.
    Also, threesomes or OT3s may end up using a combination of these: for example Raimundo/Jack/Ashley/Raimundo if it's all completely mutual, or Jack/RaimundoxAshley if Jack and Raimundo are *cough* closer but Raimundo has a very strong friendship with Ashley.

  6. A drabble is exactly 100 words. Full stop. And no, you cannot invoke 'There is no rule number 6' with regard to this.

  7. Please SPAG-check fics (Spelling, Grammar and Punctuation). If you need help, ask at xiaolinbetas or make a post to xscommentary.

  8. This 'rule' is more good advice than anything, but it would make our lives easier if it was followed.

    Long fics. Sometimes we like our long pieces of plotty gen, but it sure is infuriating when bits get lost! Please try to include links to previous, next and first chapters - if it is a WIP (work in progress), go back and edit the previous chapter when you post the next. You may find it useful to create a tag with your name or the name of the series to help (you and others!) find the bits again.

    At the end of such a WIP, or if you are linking from your own journal or another community, please post an entry with full information and links to all chapters for the memories.

    If you find yourself posting the entire epic at once, clicking the little 'backdate' button on all but the first and listing the links below the header of your first chapter will make sure that you don't flood all of our f-lists.

If you aren't sure what 'full information' entails, here is the html for a simple sample header. If someone decided to write the fic, I shall be very happy. ^_^

That seems to be all for the moment, but there may be cause for amendment. This will normally be accompanied by a Mod's Note in the community proper, detailing why the amendment was made, but minor things or 'oops, I forgot!' edits may not.


-if you wish to become an affiliate, please go here to request.